You could say we’re just a branding firm.

And you wouldn’t, technically, be wrong. We do work with brands to create stories, experiences, and products that are designed to make consumers sit up and take notice.

But that would only be half of the story.

Because for us, branding isn’t just what you see from the outside. It starts from what’s true on the inside. It’s everything your business stands for—what you make, why you make it, and how.

See, we’re kind of like brand therapists.

We help our clients look honestly at themselves (the good and the bad), discover what makes them great, and then share that with the world in a truthful, resonant way.

How We Do It

No two projects are ever the same. But our approach tends to be pretty consistent.
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Provoke the Client

The most important thing we can do is build a deep understanding of what’s true about your business and your brand. We do this by poking, prodding, and otherwise pushing back on preconceived notions or easy assumptions.

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Provoke Ourselves

In one form or another, for lack of a better word, we prototype. We develop and test our hypotheses to offer you a little peek into the future. These provocations can inspire, inform, or even insult. But they never bore.

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Provoke the Consumer

It’s about you, a little. But it’s really about them. Ultimately, your customers will decide. Seeing how your renewed brand can manifest in the world often spurs deep change on the inside and deep devotion on the outside.

Who We Are

We guarantee that at least one of these people will pick up when you call.

Rudi O'Meara

Our Founder

Rudi’s been leading cross-disciplinary creative teams for basically as long as he can remember. His background is on the agency side. But he’s also spent a good bit of time on the client side. He formed Sequitur over ten years ago—and has seen it grow and thrive in ways no one could have guessed. He’s equal parts writer and designer, thinker and doer—and he’s totally OCD. Really, you should see his desk.

Stephanie Watts

Our Boss

A cartographer by training, Steph uses her eye for design and laser-like attention to detail to keep the big thinkers on our team on the map, on-task, and on time. She’s basically our True North. And while she is the only member of the team not totally obsessed with bikes, she does happen to be the best bartender in the studio. Which comes in pretty handy when your job includes wrangling creatives.

Edmundo Ortega

Our Spirit Guide

He’d never say so, but Ed’s definitely the baldest person in the office. He’s a rocket scientist (literally) with hardcore strategic chops, and tons of experience in the social sphere. He’s a brilliant designer with the mind of an engineer—not something you see everyday. Sure, it may sound like hyperbole, but Ed is precisely the voice of reason that we (and our clients) tend to value beyond words.

What We Think

Occasionally, we’re motivated to write at length. When we do, we post it on Medium.

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Who We Toil For

Our clients run the gamut—from lean start-ups to Fortune 500 heavyweights.

Our Studio

It could be the espresso, but clients tend to spend a lot of time here.