Why They Called

Our jaws nearly hit the floor when Yahoo! told us that they were looking for our help doubling ad revenue in one fiscal year to above the billion dollar mark. Scary, yes. Ambitious, certainly. Doable? No question. But what they needed first was a smarter, better way of telling the Yahoo! story. They needed to dramatically differentiate themselves from their competition. And, perhaps more importantly, they needed a more intelligent means of centralizing and sharing content, data and sales tools throughout the organization.

In other words, they needed to get their act together.

How We Responded

Following a deep-dive into the competitive landscape—as well as a brand audit and a range of internal interviews—we delivered a set of strategic recommendations that identified the company’s current strengths and weaknesses. It was clear that folks within were struggling not only to tell a compelling story, but to gain access to the cold hard data they needed to close deals. So we recommended consolidating internal research, reorganizing internal teams, and creating a Web-based tool for building and sharing pitches. Then we built the pitches.

Shazam. Doubled ad revenue. A full quarter early.

What We Did: Creative, Research, Strategy, Training