Why They Called

When Vuze gave us a shout, they were in deep trouble with their core users. Formerly named Azureus, they’d revolutionized the BitTorrent world with the advent of their eponymous client (an early favorite among media junkies looking to post and download HD torrents lightening fast). But then things started to slip. Could’ve been the awkward name change, could’ve been a bit of corporate A.D.D., but hardcore users were getting increasingly grumpy. The opportunity: get your story straight and turn your old BitTorrent tool into the world’s leading social destination for discovering, publishing, and sharing original video content.

Pretty basic, right?

How We Responded

With our help, they worked their way back to core principles—and back into the hearts of both torrent fiends and media mavens the world over. How? By embracing all the crazy things that made them the life of the party back in the day. And by upping the ante on UX. By taking a hard look at what really makes a media channel truly social, the team was able to move in a totally new direction without losing touch with who they are. And it paid off nicely. Not only did the new site get a five-star ‘spectacular’ rating from CNET Editors at launch, the service has added an average of 2M new users a month since the project wrapped.

Princely happy ending, you bet.

What We Did: Creative, Guidelines, Identity, Research, Strategy, Training