Thomson NETg

Why They Called

How do you take something as seemingly abstract (and potentially dead-boring) as online corporate learning and make it meaningful and resonant for a C-level audience? That was the question Thomson came to us with when launching a whole new strategic learning offering. Our answer: lead with human potential—and how bettering it through effective, customizable training programs can radically enhance the bottom line. Giving something technical and complex a human face and a simple story proved a brilliant way to make a big splash.

Not to mention, blow by their revenue goal in record time.

How We Responded

Our first step was to explore a variety ways to infuse the existing components of Thomson’s visual vocabulary with new life. Then we dove into competitive research in order to form a solid go-to-market strategy. With this strategy in-place, we created a messaging framework—and then the materials built upon it. Those included a series of trade-focused  campaigns, a suite of collateral materials, and multiple waves of direct response marketing. Long story short, on launch, the campaign delivered more leads than the company could handle.

Nice problem to have.

What We Did: Creative, Research, Strategy