Why They Called

Have to be honest. It took a few minutes for the idea behind Stickybits to sink in when we first met with the company’s founders. But then, when it did, our heads basically exploded. The possibilities were endless. But so were the challenges. How do you explain something so mind blowing—an app that allows you to attach any type of content (movies, music, pictures, the works) to any barcode on any object anywhere in the world—without overcomplicating things? By keeping it simple, actually.

Easier said than done, of course.

How We Responded

Given that Seth and Billy, the founders of Stickybits (and its follow-up,, are firm believers in the move fast and break things mantra, we didn’t belabor the process of getting their story straight. Instead we focused on sussing out fundamentals—and then building a flexible brand language that could adapt as the business evolved. Judging by the initial response (after the launch at SXSW, everyone from The New York Times to CNET to Time raved), things worked out swell.

And that's just the way we like it.

What We Did: Creative, Design, Interactive, Marketing, Messaging, Research, Social, Strategy