Plum District

Why They Called

Founder and CEO Megan Gardner summed it up pretty nicely in our first meeting with her. “We’ve got an ugly baby and we don’t know why” she said, exasperated. She’d built the business up from nothing—seen it go from a flicker in her funders’ eyes to a fully-fledged category maker. Now it was a burgeoning destination for moms, by moms that was poised to re-invent the deal space. But the voice felt off. The look was meh. Even the partners at Kleiner—who called us and our pals at Think Brand New in—wondered how things had gone from beautiful to blah so quickly.

Poor baby!

How We Responded

This project pretty much made our year. Not only because the Plum District team is among the savviest, smartest bunch of people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knocking about with. Not only because their entire sales force gave us an honest-to-goodness standing ovation at the big brand reveal (yes, it actually happened). But rather because we were able to take their previously lukewarm identity and uninspired site experience and turn both into something as delightful and amazing as the whole idea behind the business was when Megan dreamed it up.

We wouldn't trade the ovation. But we love the pretty baby, too.

What We Did: Creative, Guidelines, Identity, Interactive, Research, Social, Strategy, Training