Why They Called

The founders of Perianne were at a bit of an impasse. They’d bootstrapped the brand bolstered by their passion for organic ingredients and their wealth of experience in the cosmetics biz. But the solution they’d arrived at initially was lackluster, a bit cold, and way too clinical. It wasn’t as elegant, tactile, sumptuous, and delightful as they’d hoped—largely because they’d not really taken the time to look at what set their products apart. They’d built a brand that felt like somebody else’s brand—one that wasn’t true to what they’d started out seeking in the first place.

Time to get back to basics, then.

How We Responded

Make it delicious. And make it lovely to look at. That was the brief we got from the people behind Perianne Skincare—a seasonally curated collection of lotions, tonics, and cleansers that are specifically designed to change with the changing needs of your skin. Because every product in the line is built around a pairing of organic ingredients (from lavender and aloe, to grapefruit and fennel) we decided right off the bat to let those ingredients sing. And to use simple, straightforward, sustainable materials that felt equal measures high-end and down-to-earth.

So, delicious. Check. Lovely, you bet.

What We Did: Creative, Research, Strategy