Why They Called

When we got the call from the crack team at Oracle to come in and be the ringer they needed to help reinvent the look and feel of OpenWorld, we jumped at the chance. Mostly because the brief was to make it human, credible, compelling, and personal. In other words, to avoid the sort of inward-looking, super technical, feature-speak that had tended to creep into OpenWorld creative in the past. Where the norm was to focus on speeds and feeds, this year was going to be all about building personal mastery and expertise.

Awesome, we thought. That's out bread and butter.

How We Responded

After working with a contingent of their top internal creatives to get the lay of the land—and to survey past OpenWorld creative—we dove into a wide-ranging exploration of how to make the experience matter again. A few very productive rounds in, some of the more adventuresome concepts got sidelined (we’re still pining for two of the former front runners) and things got a bit more safe. But, in the end, the process yielded precisely the creative spark that their internal team needed take things to the next level.

Now, if only we could get an invite to sail with Larry...

What We Did: Creative, Research, Strategy