Oglesby & Butler

Why They Called

So, here’s the short version. The world’s leading manufacturer of portable ‘herbal’ vaporizers (yeah, we had to look it up too) tapped us and our partners at Thing Tank to help them create a category. Their previous vaporizer, the IOLITE, was a huge, huge success. But they wanted to reach out to a whole new demographic—basically design-savvy, urban consumers who wouldn’t be caught dead in a head shop. People like us. Sort of. Or, as their brief put it, people who are hungry (or was it thirsty?) for a vaporizer that’s entirely at home in their home. Next to their iPad.

Given our Babeland experience, we were a lock.

How We Responded

With Thing Tank taking the lead on user research (aka conducting a series of hilariously insightful ‘unfocused groups’), we worked with the client to firm up an all-encompassing brand brief—one that informed everything from material selection and color palette, to naming and tone of voice. And as the initial ID directions took shape, we shifted gears to executing on naming, packaging, identity, PR, and marketing. Given the response from Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Gizmodo and Fab.com., things clicked pretty much immediately.

Oh, and did we mention it won top product at CES that year?

What We Did: Communications, Creative, Identity, Marketing, Messaging, Naming, Research, Strategy