Oakland Raiders

Why They Called

It may sound a bit roundabout, but our friends at Watermark Press connected us initially with the Oakland Raiders. After meeting with the team’s management to discuss upcoming promotional plans, Watermark President Tom Sheffield brought us in to develop a business pitch that would turn heads. The goal: elevate the brand while expanding the Raiders’ geographic (and demographic) fan base.

Make it appeal on both sides of the Bay, in other words.

How We Responded

Our approach: an integrated print, broadcast, social, and outdoor campaign that let the fans (and the mark) do the talking. Not your usual pigskin on the gridiron on a blue sky day approach. Instead, we recommended a whole different take that, when it was first presented, acted like a lightning rod—drawing equal measures of shock and awe. It turned heads at the home office and got people thinking differently.

Arr, matey!

What We Did: Creative, Social, Strategy