Mill Valley Film Festival

Why They Called

It’s rare that an arts organization has its act as together as the Mill Valley Film Festival does. Thanks in large part to Festival founder and CFI Director Mark Fishkin, MVFF has attracted the Bay Area’s finest designers (Mark Fox, Bill Cahan, Michael Osborne, et al.) from the very beginning. So it was our honor to be tapped to create the look for year 29. Our brief: it should be bold, it should say the circus is coming to town and it should hint at the curatorial vision that drives the Festival year after year. Long story short, it should tell a big story in a big way.

Right up our alley.

How We Responded

Pretty nice to have a project that’s all about design every once and a while. And this one was no exception. Working closely with Fishkin and his team of programmers and curators, we explored a range of themes—some drawn from what we knew the Festival stood for (and how it stands apart from the Sundance and Tribeca, say), and some drawn from the themes that were emerging across the screening calendar. In the end, everyone gravitated to the simplest direction—and iconic campaign that was as vivid and attention-getting as the festival itself.

The whole thing was a total blast from the get-go.

What We Did: Creative, Identity, Interactive