Why They Called

Not that you would’ve known it by looking, but one of KJ’s prized estate brands, Cambria, was in deep trouble when they contacted us. Founded in the late 80s by KJ co-owner Barbara Banke, the winery had a storied past and a host of prize-winning vintages. But on the shelf, side-by-side with other KJ vintages, it was underselling by orders of magnitude. Why? For starters, none of the brand’s uniqueness was being communicated clearly to consumers or, worse yet, to the trade. That, and no one within the company had ever been charged with stewarding brand.

Something had to change.

How We Responded

It sure is nice when your client says, on location, that they feel like they’ve “just walked into the mood board.” It’s nicer still to know that everything on our mood board was there for a reason. And while it may seem a bit unusual for a winemaker to dive as deeply into concepting and research as KJ did for Cambria, it certainly paid dividends for them in the long run. Not only were folks within the company better-able to tell the Cambria story, distributors, buyers and dealers who previously couldn’t care less suddenly had something worth rallying around.

Problem solved.

What We Did: Creative, Interactive, Research, Strategy