Why They Called

Being able to claim 91 of the Fortune 100 as clients isn’t half bad. But for Hyperion, it wasn’t enough. Working within the confines of an uninspired and outdated identity system, and struggling to find clever and unexpected ways to convey the true value of Business Performance Management (dry as a slogan, rich as a concept), they came to us looking for help. Step one: find a voice that rings true (in their case, that of John Cleese—with whom we worked on everything from print to broadcast to events). Step two: stop looking like a tech company and learn to embrace a whole new visual vocabulary.

Step three: sit back and watch as revenues go through the roof.

How We Responded

Funny, how so many tech companies fall into the same old habits (talking about features rather than benefits, products rather than solutions). For Hyperion, letting go of all of that wasn’t such a stretch—especially when given a rich new vocabulary. Once we had worked with Exec. Staff to define the persona behind the brand, and once we had created a smart way of explaining the nuanced nature of that persona to everyone within the company, going public with a whole new look and feel (across everything from the web site to collateral to advertising and events) was a breeze.

And it grew their marketshare by 3x.

What We Did: Creative, Guidelines, Identity, Interactive, Research, Strategy, Training