House & Loft

Why They Called

What would you do if you ran an ultra-premium, luxury real estate firm based in Milan—one that was looking to develop a foothold in the US market during one of the biggest financial downturns in recent history? Either you’d retreat to your villa on Lago Maggiore to calm your nerves with an excellent bottle of barolo and hope for the best, or you’d call in a crack team of buzz builders and knuckle out a clever way of connecting with the Pac Heights crowd where they live. Or where they’d like to live.

And then you'd celebrate with an even better barolo.

How We Responded

This project put the social in social activation. Working with the folks in Italy and their folks on the ground here in SF, we built a super buttoned-down plan for reaching out to influencers and creating a stir in the upper registers of the local landed gentry. Then we went to town building awareness via a whole host of ultra-focused tactics (everything from high-touch direct response campaigns to invitation-only sponsored events). The gamut, basically. And the results were off the charts.

Too bad we weren't working in trade on this one.

What We Did: Creative, Interactive, Social