Gimme Shelter

Why They Called

Rock-n-roll real estate. Really. That’s what one of our favorite clients, Bill Charman, came to us with as his vision for a whole new way of helping cool people find cool digs. His audience: artists, musicians, writers, small-business owners, entrepreneurs. You know, the sort of independent types who rarely believe they can own a home. The sort of people who, like Billy, take a kind of subversive pride in tweaking the American Dream. His challenge to us: find a way of merging a punk rock, DIY spirit with all of the patrician underpinnings implicit in owning property in one of the world’s most expensive markets.

Think David Bowie in a bespoke Savile Row suit.

How We Responded

Even amidst a real estate slow-down, Gimme has been going gangbusters. In fact, in the first year after launch, the firm’s revenues jumped 2x. And they’ve been attracting precisely the band of outsiders, artists and non-conformists that they hoped to. In fact, new buyers have been flocking to the firm in droves—and snatching up killer deals ever since. Further proof that home ownership isn’t just for squares. And continued evidence that nearly anybody with a genius concept, and the right sort of help, can make even the most outlandish idea—like using the MLS to stick it to the man—a reality.


What We Did: Creative, Identity, Interactive, Strategy