Why They Called

Take one look at the old Microsoft Office:Mac logo (or, frankly, almost any tech mark from the late 90s) and you’ll get a good sense of what Flock was facing. Cool product. Lame identity. And, worse yet, a huge communications challenge. The company was mired in feature-speak and, thankfully, they knew it. But who could blame them? Their product was kick-ass. A  game-changer. And, unlike all the other companies whose logos bore a striking resemblance to Flock’s old mark, what the company really did revolutionize the way people use the Web.

High time for a better ID, don’t you think?

How We Responded

First things first. Instead of talking about Flock like a browser—albeit a browser with some astoundingly smart stuff baked into it—we recommended a shift toward talking about Flock in ways that people who use it would understand. The thing’s candy for obsessives—RSS junkies, Flickr addicts, recovering Facebook fanatics—why not talk about it that way? And, while you’re at it, why not brand the company with similar oomph? Make it cool. Make it clever. Make it bold and make it something you want to look at longer.

And, for god’s sakes, make it something no one’s seen before.

What We Did: Design, Identity, Research, Social, Strategy