Efecto Verde

Why They Called

Good story, this. We met the founder of Efecto Verde in an Italian restaurant on a rainy night on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. After talking American politics for a bit (it was pre-Obama), we pushed our tables together and he started telling us more about his business. Begun initially as a not-for-profit initiative to improve the air quality of Mexico City, it had begun to grow faster than he’d anticipated—into basically a full scale eco-retail venture with worldwide reach. But they were stuck with a homegrown identity, a website that wouldn’t scale, and no clear concept of how to take their message to the masses.

That’s where we came in.

How We Responded

Working long-distance, we helped the EV team step back and take a second to clarify what their business model was—and how to best align it with their values. Sounds simple, right? In this case it was particularly nuanced. Mostly where balancing the for-profit side (selling at scale to industrial players, government organizations, and commercial developers) and the NGO side (improving  air quality, mitigating solid waste, building a sustainable supply chain). Judging by the success the team had with corporate sponsors, federal agencies, and individual consumers, our work paid off.

It's nice knowing the client can breathe a little easier.

What We Did: Creative, Guidelines, Interactive, Strategy