Why They Called

Ah, eBay. We’d be lying if we didn’t tell you how stoked we were when they turned to us for assistance. We’re all hard-core eBay addicts. So, after years of watching them imitate Amazon, then WalMart, then Target—usually to our collective consternation—we’d grown antsy to see if we could help them find their way again. Frankly, the company sounded like a robot. And it looked a lot worse. But, thanks to a brave few folks internally, all was not lost. A movement was afoot to re-shape the brand.

And craft a strategy for launching eBay 3.0.

How We Responded

How do you fix a brand like eBay? By helping it find its voice again. For starters, all the company really needed to do to return to a semblance of its former glory was to realize that the brand is a reflection of the user base. If you understand how real eBay users talk (mostly to each other) everyday on the site, you get a good idea of how eBay should talk. In other words, it probably shouldn’t talk like a robot. It should be real. And it should embrace the weirdness that eBay has always stood for.

Presto, change-o. Brand new (good old) brand.

What We Did: Creative, Guidelines, Identity, Interactive, Research, Social, Strategy, Training, Workshopping