Why They Called

When we first met with the founders of CleanFish (nearly a year before we started working with them) they were already in the midst of a complete shakeup. Having spawned (sorry, couldn’t help it) a revolution in the seafood industry by building an alliance of producers, distributors, retailers, and chefs dedicated to sustainable practices, it was now time to take their message to the public. They needed to make a big splash with the average Safeway or Whole Foods customer. They needed to make their mission clear without getting all preach-y.

Basically, they needed to tell a crazy-good (fish) story.

How We Responded

To do that, they needed to get their house in order—and develop a brand voice and image that would resonate with consumers (the way their backstory and business model resonated with the trade). Over the course of three months, we conducted real-time workshops with stakeholders throughout the organization to home in on a collective sense of what the company stood for and why it should matter to consumers and the trade. Then we built a new design system and tone of voice that quickly telegraphed what made their offering unique.

Good people. Great story. Delicious fish. What's not to like?

What We Did: Creative, Interactive, Research, Strategy, Training