Brian Joseph

Why They Called

Classic story: unassuming, mild-mannered (well, actually not-so-mild-mannered) singer-songwriter has kids and comes up with a great idea. He pitches it to Target. They like it. But they think it could be more. More that just a product. A brand. Said musician calls us. We listen to him and we realize. He’s the brand. We tell him this. He freaks out at first. Wouldn’t you? But then he sees how the brand really is all about his particular take on things. His experience of parenthood and his huge distaste for all the un-cool things out there for cool new parents.

Now, to just make it as smart as he is.

How We Responded

We can’t tell you too much about how it’s going or where things are headed yet. The lawyers get touchy about things like that. But rest assured, the story’s going to have a happy ending. After Brian’s mini freakout about having to actually be the brand—to live and breath it—things took off pretty fast. We worked with Brian to firm up the brand’s (and thus his) POV. Then we built an identity system around his identity, his sensibility. And then we worked with him to curate a whole host of clever, useful, delightful products.

We love it when clients go from scared witless to totally stoked.

What We Did: Creative, Interactive, Strategy