Why They Called

How do you be all things to all people without losing total credibility? If you’re Autodesk, you take the chance of building an in-house branding agency and then charge them with creating a new identity system that works across verticals and in all geographies. You give them charter to realign corporate strategy and creative execution across all media. And you lean on their laser-like focus and unwavering attention to detail to ensure that each of your global offices are up to speed and able to roll out the new brand seamlessly.

Across everything from packaging to product interface.

How We Responded

Everybody hates guidelines. But for Autodesk, they were vital. Not only did they document what was an extensive methodology for messaging and design, they provided a simple and clear means for training folks around the world on why that methodology works. In Autodesk’s case, having things as dialed as possible was a surefire way to strengthen the brand. And given the diversity of the company’s audience and the sheer volume of projects—over 1,700 annually in the US alone—having a host of Swiss-style, watch-like efficiencies in place made all the difference.

And it made for some lovely work, too.

What We Did: Creative, Interactive, Research, Strategy, Training