Why They Called

When Atempo called us looking for help getting their act together, we found the company had kind of a cool challenge. A data protection company that was well-established in France, they were about to enter the US market as an Apple partner and with a new focus on the media and entertainment space. They wanted to find a way to speak to cutting-edge creative businesses but they looked and sounded like they belonged in Microsoft’s corner instead.

Clearly, that wasn’t going to fly.

How We Responded

Here’s a test: take your mission statement and put it up next to your competitors’ without attribution. Show it to your management team and see if they can tell the difference. If they can’t, there’s a problem. We did the same with Atempo, and it was like the room suddenly lit up. We’d never seen so many people understand so quickly the importance of distinctive branding. After that, it was like everyone in the company—from the CEO on down—wanted to have a hand in getting things right.

Vive la France!

What We Did: Creative, Interactive, Research, Strategy, Training